Whitesell Group

Whitesell Group is comprised of several companies that represent a leading market supply position of engineered fasteners, complex specialty cold formed parts, CNC precision machined components, sheet metal fabrications / stampings, and Class C components to the automotive, lawn and garden, appliance, and other industrial markets.  Established in 1970, Whitesell Group sells its products through numerous manufacturing and distribution locations throughout North America.

Unique Dual Core-Competencies

Whitesell Group is unique as both a major manufacturer and a major distributor of a leading range of metal formed products and Class C items, with a standout ability to provide innovative product solutions as well as clear opportunities for continuing cost savings that provide better total value for a customer than is available globally from any other single supply point.

Whitesell’s fundamental business premise is to continually innovate and add new core capabilities so as to be able to consistently deliver better total value to its customers than any other alternative in the global marketplace. This philosophy has driven the growth of the Whitesell Group to its position as a major industry principal, today possessing uniquely diverse process capabilities and deep core competence in an extremely broad range of formed metal products, extending well beyond fasteners.

Whitesell’s direct clients include GM, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler and it acts as a Tier 1 supplier to Mercedes Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Nissan and several hundred other Tier 1 and 2 customers. Other important markets include HVAC, Aerospace, Engine, Heavy Equipment, Clean Energy solar/wind, Medical Devices, Lawn & Garden, home and commercial appliance, among many others.

Utilizing Whitesell Group means being able to source a much broader range of standard, engineered and highly specialized metal form products all directly from one lower fixed cost manufacturer. Any and all components can be channeled through a consolidated custom logistics system for a total end-to-end supply chain solution that delivers substantial cost advantages across a wide range of measurement.

“What makes us unique is our capacity for innovation. We’re very creative, our employees think out of the box. Our acquisitions have been very strategic. Being private, we’ve been very flexible and quick to move on opportunities.
Our goal is to constantly expand our product and process capabilities and our market positions. Essentially what we’re doing is building a business model that can reliably reduce total costs for the customer and as a result has longevity and sustainability to it.”

- Neil Whitesell

Public vs. Private

Inherently, public companies are structured such that each process/capability must operate as a separate entity and standalone profit center. The result: implicitly higher operating costs and a lack of synergy between capabilities.
Additionally, with the quarter-to-quarter expectations placed upon publicly traded companies, short-term philosophies typically prevail over creating innovative lasting value.

Being a synergistic privately held group, Whitesell benefits from a centralized management structure and operates with no redundant overheads. All products are put through a similar cost structure, meaning we can operate on lower gross margins while still generating acceptable net margins for further growth.

Being private also gives far greater creative flexibility as well as the ability to execute when and where public companies simply can’t.

A Complete

Like no other entity in the market, Whitesell’s distribution/logistics operations are wholly integrated with manufacturing… with integrated management and a similar lower cost/profit structure.


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Whitesell Group Product and Process Competencies

Fasteners & Cold Formed Components   Cold Forged Components
Internally Threaded Components   Pierce & Clinch Fastening Systems
CNC Hydromat Precision Components   CNC Wire & Tube Forming
CNC Precision Machined Components   Complete Class C Distribution/Logistics
Sheet Metal Fabrication / Stamping   Cold Formed and Machined Components

The Growth of a Privately Held Family Company

Whitesell was founded in 1971 by Blake Whitesell, with a $25,000 bank loan and three machines. It remained a small business until 1985. Upon Blake’s passing from cancer, his 21-year-old son Neil took the helm.

The company has grown dramatically since 1985, now with nine-figure revenues and a global footprint. This rapid expansion is the result of both robust organic growth and its vigorous approach to acquisitions. Each acquisition, which average one to two a year, is strategically selected to expand the product and process capability Whitesell is able to offer to its customers. Continually adding new product and process capabilities to an established logistic infrastructure is one of the key ways Whitesell Group is able to offer new cost savings to the market on an ongoing basis.


Whitesell Group Facilities

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