Whitesell Group is known as an acquisitive company, because acquisitions are a key part of our unique business model. Whitesell’s primary strategic business objective is to continually offer our customers better total value. Key to this is regularly completing strategic acquisitions. Through these acquisitions, Whitesell Group gains the ability to add (or “bolt on”) newly acquired product and process capabilities to our existing core competencies and market penetration.


Dual Core-Competencies: Manufacturing & Distribution

The newly acquired core process and product capabilities are then folded into Whitesell Group's consolidated business model and delivered through the fixed cost logistics structure that is already in-place at Whitesell Group and with the Customer.

The result: Whitesell Group is able to continually provide the customer with new products, new process capabilities and ever greater engineering expertise at lower cost; offer broader solutions and ever better value over time from a single global cost optimized supply channel.

Founders Blake and Prudy Whitesell

Whitesell is a
Family Company

People really matter: From our start as a regional machine shop, Whitesell has always proudly been a privately held family company.

For Management and Employees of Newly Acquired Companies

We know the management and employees of your company have been the heart of its success.

It’s the same for us too.

Whitesell highly values the human capital of the companies that we bring into the Whitesell fold, as that human capital is the essence of what we seek… specialized capability.

Rewarding Careers:
Whitesell takes pride in our vibrant and energetic Human Resources system that works to enhance and diversify the personal skill and capability of each employee to realize their full potential. For your management and employees, becoming part of Whitesell represents substantial opportunity for growth and experience in a diverse and exciting global company.


Toll Free

Whitesell Group is not a Private Equity or Financial Buyer

Whitesell Group is an active investor whose intention is long-term growth. We focus on synergistic fit with our global manufacturing and sourcing network to strengthen the acquired company’s position, enhance company performance and generate continuing long-term operational returns corporate-wide.

With these interests at heart, Whitesell adds substantial, flexible liquidity to the company and then collaboratively partners with management teams to execute long-term plans that leverage the sharing of customers, best practices, technology and process capabilities to help the acquired company realize its maximum potential. This focus on broadening capability and multiplying value through synergistic leveraging often allows Whitesell to find inherent value in companies that other buyers may overlook.

A Whitesell ownership stake can mean both maintained day-to-day control and dynamic execution of company plans, as well as an investor whose financial interests are aligned with the company over the long haul – as opposed to the typical realities of Private Equity.

Whitesell Group only has a history of buying/partnering with companies, not selling or ‘flipping’ them.

Why Should You Consider Whitesell?

Whitesell’s intention is growth

Whitesell’s interest in your company is to provide a springboard for growth.

New Products: Whitesell brings an extremely broad range of engineered, higher value and niche components to add to your company’s total offering in the marketplace. Our unique breadth of metal form product capabilities provides the acquired company with a diverse range of new core-competent, solutions-based products to sell to their existing customers.

New Customers: Similarly, your products and ‘knowledge capital’ would have immediate exposure and penetration into Whitesell’s growing global customer base, comprised of some of the largest and most respected companies in the world.

Preferred Industries

Manufacturers of:

  • Cold formed fasteners and other components
  • Machined parts
  • Plastic components
  • Roll formed parts
  • Stamped parts
  • Wire forms
  • Springs
  • Rubber components
  • Castings / forgings


Transaction Type:

  • Asset Purchase
  • Stock Purchase
  • Equity Investments
  • Long Term Exit Strategies

Distributors of:

  • Fasteners and Class C items
  • Aerospace Components
  • Powder metal parts
  • Other specialty niche components
  • Stamped parts
  • Wire forms
  • Springs
  • Rubber components
  • Castings / forgings


Investment Criteria:

Annual Revenues: $10 to $75 Million – others considered case-by-case


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia

Acquisition Scenarios