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Whitesell is a privately held Group of companies that isn’t structured like other major engineered component industry principals. The full breadth of our NAFTA-wide distribution network and all of our core competent metal forming process capability centers operate under a common management structure that’s free of the typically siloed structural realities of other similarly sized organizations.

New hires to Whitesell from other major industry players report finding a fluid, collaborative, humorous and respectful management style with a refreshingly practical integration of company wide capabilities that empowers creative thought with considerably superior execution on the ground. Joining Whitesell Group means plugging into an energetic, team-oriented environment that’s accustomed to doing things that other companies simply can’t, and that’s always changing, growing, expanding capabilities and moving forward with a customer-focused approach.

Founders Blake and Prudy Whitesell

Whitesell is a
Family Company

People really matter: From our start as a regional machine shop, Whitesell has always proudly been a privately held family company.

Active, Reinvesting Ownership

A fundamental difference: As a privately held company with active ownership, Whitesell continually reinvests operating revenues to continually expand capabilities and support the customer’s evolving needs in the marketplace - as opposed to the typical intentions and realities of publically traded and/or private equity ownership. Continual reinvestment has been at the core of our success and continuing growth since 1985.


Toll Free

Rewarding Careers

Long term employees will tell you that Whitesell is a great place to utilize and develop your talents and that opportunities for new challenges and career growth are many. Whitesell Group takes pride in our vibrant Human Resources system that works to enhance and diversify the personal skill and capability of each employee to realize their full potential.

Whitesell Checklist:

  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Humility
  • Intelligence
  • Optimism
  • Personal Growth

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