Whitesell Cold Formed & Precision Machined Components

In the component supply market for the OEM, Whitesell’s wider breadth of metal forming process capabilities offers many standout advantages and opportunities for an OEM customer.  One example is in the area of OEM components that due to their complexity must be formed through the CNC precision machining process.


With core competence in both cold forming and CNC precision machining, Whitesell is able to combine both processes during the fabrication of these components.  Using high speed six and seven station CNC cold forming assets, Whitesell can cold form the part into a near net shape and then CNC precision machine the component into its final form. 

The advantages are much higher production rates and a substantial reduction in raw material usage, as well as the production of final components with superior properties beyond what can be achieved through machining alone.

The opportunities are for substantial improvements in component cost; cross-discipline engineering competence to drive product innovation; and the ability to include these highly engineered components into a broader supply chain management and logistics program. 



Examples of Whitesell Capabilites



and Technical

Cross-Process Design and Applications Engineering.

With the core competent Engineering expertise of many types of metal forming processes, Whitesell offers a far broader, cross-discipline technical expertise than other manufacturer suppliers to the OEM, as well as much deeper technical expertise than other distributor suppliers to the OEM. Whitesell represents a unique technical resource to North American industry.

This unique cross-process engineering capability is proven to generate innovations and game-changing customer solutions that are simply unavailable from any other manufacturer for the OEM in the marketplace.

Go Ahead. Get Creative.


A New Kind of Supply Model for the OEM:

Any or all of Whitesell Group’s manufactured products are deliverable through our plant-customized logistics & distribution systems, meaning one single, self-managed supply point for a multiplicity of components used in a customer’s production.

  • Superb Point of Demand Flexibility.
  • Individualized Custom Solutions per Location and Work Cell.
  • Wholly Responsive to Plant Floor & Production Needs.
  • Superior Under-Stock and/or Obsolescence Prevention.

This can provide a substantially lower cost model for a wider range of engineered components used in production, supporting several types of components not typically deliverable through traditional VMI.



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Cold Forming and Precision Machining

Market Typical Production Process vs. Whitesell Process:

Typically, components such as these are machined from bar stock requiring multiple separate operations. Raw material used must have a diameter equivalent to that of the largest diameter of the finished part.  Material is then cut away by various processes on up to five different machines to reach the final product characteristics.

Whitesell Process: Cold Formed and Precision Machined

Less Material Needed, Less Waste, Less Energy



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