Large Cold Formed and Forged Components

Drawing upon a core competence in cold forming Whitesell has progressively extended its capabilities to become a leading supplier of large diameter and long length precision cold formed and cold forged components used by a variety of industries.

Whitesell large cold forming resources include large diameter multistage cold forming equipment, state-of-the-art FORMAX seven station part formers, large diameter parts formers, as well as proprietary cold forging equipment. Comprehensive cold forming capabilities: In-house component dimensions range from M2.5 (#3) up to 101.6mm in diameter and 914.4mm in length all from one producer.

Creative Savings and Solutions

For many OEMs, Whitesell Cold Forming/Forging represents clear opportunities for cost savings over traditional large component manufacturing methods.

Material and Process Cost Advantages:

The Result: Lower Costs of Product to the Customer

Metal form wonderworking is a Whitesell core competence and major advantage that is unavailable through any other supply chain solutions company.

Cold Forging

Whitesell provides large component solutions that reduce material use and part cost, improve performance, add unique functionalities, solve design and application challenges and/or reduce the total cost of an assembly.


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For The Engineer

Better Quality and Consistency: Cold Forming/Forging is a purely mechanical process that forms metal into net or near net shapes, but unlike traditional alternatives, it is performed at room temperature without using additional heat, providing more precise tolerances and part to part consistency than any other method.

Whitesell Cold Forming/Forging provides

  • Higher Strength: Cold forming work hardens the material raising its yield stress, making it significantly stronger than can be produced through other methods. With these higher strength properties, component design thickness can often be reduced offering further savings on weight, material and clearance.
  • Higher yields for exceptional strength
  • Most precise tolerances available
  • Improved physical properties by refining grain structure
  • Exceptional surface finish no scale
  • Part-to-part uniformity/repeatability
  • Better functional reliability
  • Reduced/eliminated machining & waste
  • May eliminate subsequent heat treating

Go Ahead. Get Creative.

Get in touch with Whitesell's engineering and product specialists who can provide you with all the resources you need to tackle large component design and applications challenges.

For the Near Net Shape User

Whitesell's cold forming/forging processes can produce superior near net shapes.

Net or near net shapes are produced with no heat, reduced or eliminated waste, and offer solutions that require substantially less machining/processing to reach your final desired form.

Whitesell can provide either the near net shape
or the completed final component.

In-House Secondary Processing and Finishing

Whitesell further leverages these advantages for its customers by blending near net cold forming capability with in-house vertically integrated secondary finishing operations.


Some of Whitesell Group's in house processes include:

  • Multi Axis CNC Precision Machining
  • CNC Hydromat Precision Components
  • Screw Machining
  • Roll Forming
  • Thread Rolling
  • Knurling
  • Flattening and Piercing
  • Welding
  • Drill & Tap
  • Grinding
  • Broaching

Creative Savings and Solutions: For many customers this provides the ability to reduce or eliminate their own vertically integrated processes.

Spline Shafts

Completed Assemblies

As an industry leading metal forming and supply chain solutions company, Whitesell can also provide customers with cost saving completed large component assemblies which integrate our cold formed/forged elements with other custom fabricated or sourced components. A quick review of your large metal form assemblies with Whitesell can identify opportunities for cost reductions. Click for more on completed assemblies.

   In summary:

  • Highest level of Quality.
  • Lowest finished component costs.
  • Opportunities for vertically integrated production/processes cost elimination.