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Distribution and Logistics providers are typically not core competent in either the manufacturing process for nuts, or the various tolerance nuances of the nut in the application. Whitesell is a blended manufacturer/distributor, with greatly superior technical and applications competencies, as well as deep knowledge in the best processes with which to produce better, lower cost components with the highest tolerance consistencies.


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Whitesell's locking feature capability encompasses the full breadth of all metal nuts with prevailing torque locking features. Offering better high temperature performance and typically lower cost than nylon insert nuts, Whitesell's Engineering focuses on the tolerances to meet performance specifications, as well as the optimal production process of the nut itself. As a result, our Engineering staff can recommend the best locking configuration for the application among all the available alternatives, and often at the lowest installed cost.


One-piece all-metal locking solutions: Through a variety of available processes, threads are deformed into an elliptical or obround triangle shape, thereby increasing friction between the nut and the fastener, creating a locking action.


Only the top of the nut has thread distortion features allowing easy starting of the male fastener at the bottom.


Typically distorts the shape of the entire thread of the nut for a stronger locking action.


Only the center of the nut has thread distortion allowing the nut to be started from either side.


Through our exhaustive in-house cold forming capabilities, Whitesell can provide high performance custom nuts to meet the needs of your most challenging applications.


Global Cost Optimized Product Stream


Leveraging our blended product stream business model, Whitesell adjusts product fabrication from either North America and/or Asia, to where it makes the most technological and economical sense.

Applications and Manufacturing Engineering, as well as prototyping and initial production runs are typically performed in North America, with subsequent shifting of long-run production to overseas facilities, where and when it offers a clear economic advantage for the customer. With Whitesell's business model, you have full technical competencies and service of the North American manufacturer, while also benefitting from lower cost opportunities from overseas production.

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