About Pierce Fastening

Pierce fasteners pierce their own hole and install in a fast and simple automated process.

For over 60 years, Whitesell Group’s FabriSteel® and MultiFastener® pierce fastening systems have been an automotive industry favorite for:

• Reducing cost of materials
• Streamlining production and accelerating throughput.
• Improving quality and joint integrity

Pierce fastening is proven to be the lowest installed cost of any viable alternative.

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R+D New

Whitesell formally budgets a multiple percentage of revenues towards R&D / New Product
Development. Pierce and Clinch fastening solutions are centered at our new state-of-the-art product development and testing facility in Orion County Michigan, where our team of experienced product development engineers continually innovate new solutions to our customer's unique application and value engineering challenges.

From custom application assistance to collaborative cost eliminating new product and process development, discover for yourself how Whitesell's pierce and clinch fastening systems can typically deliver the lowest installed cost of any alternative in the global marketplace.


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Pierceform Studs


  CP Series PierceForm® Stud Installation

CP Series Pierce Form Studs are property class 9.8 system-fed fasteners that pierce their own hole in a metal panel, creating a secure, sealed and permanent installation.

CP Series PierceForm Studs act as their own punch to become rigidly and permanently attached to a metal panel within the same press equipment and die used to form the part, thereby offering many advantages over conventional male fasteners.


  CS Series PierceForm® Studs
  For Thick Metal Applications

Designed specifically for thick metal applications,
these property class 9.8 system-fed fasteners
are automatically installed into pre pierced holes
and can be used anywhere on a vehicle.

Ball Stud Clinch Fasteners


Our new single piece Ball Stud replaces the substantially more costly traditional two-piece assemblies and second operation rivet assembles. Automatically system-fed into the die, these innovative products further reduce process costs by up to 50%.

For metals from 0.6mm to 6mm thick.

Pierce Nuts

     Pierce Fastener installation substantially increases production rates and throughput.


  Pierce Nut Installation

Whitesell’s diverse FabriSteel and MultiFastener Pierce Nut family pierce their own hole and install automatically in sheet metal stampings by the same presses and the same dies used to form the part, resulting in a secure, permanent and highly precise thread location.

Universal Pierce Nut - Multipierce

The original multipierce nut installs automatically and performs as either a pierce nut or clinch nut in a pre-pierced hole in a myriad of industrial and automotive applications. M4 to M12.

HS and HMC Pierce Nuts

System fed class 9 or 10 self-piercing fasteners for use in metals up to 5.0mm. Ideal for applications in the frame and chassis area of vehicles. Available in 6mm to 16mm thread sizes.

MHN Series Round Pierce Nut

Designed with a 360 degree retention feature specifically for high torque applications, the FabriSteel MHN pierce nut results in a robust, secure and permanent installation in metals up to 3.5mm. Available in 6mm through 12mm thread sizes for use in all areas of a vehicle.

RHN Series Pierce Nut

System fed self-piercing fasteners designed specifically for excellent performance in tight fitting applications.

MHD Heavy Metal Pierce Nut

Engineered specifically for heavy metal applications, our new MHD Nut installs automatically and pierces its own hole in metals up to 6.5mm in thickness. M6 to M12.

RSK PierceForm® Nut

The PierceForm® RSK Nut is an automatically installed, system-fed fastener that does not require a pre-pierced hole and is an excellent performer where large cam out requirements exist. Self-Piercing in up to 2mm of Draw Quality metal.

TPN Transmission Oil Pan Pierce Nuts

Specially designed for transmission and oil pan applications to help eliminate cross threading in service, these system fed fasteners pierce their own hole in the 1mm to 1.5mm metal range. Available in 12, 14 and 16mm thread sizes.

FIN Series Clinch Nut

An exceptionally versatile line of clinch nuts that provide a large bearing surface as well as a flush condition on the pilot side of the installation. For pre-pierced holes from 0.6mm to 3.50mm Metal Range.

Double-Ended and Single-Ended Clinch Studs

System-fed single and double ended fasteners that are ideal for body in white as well as chassis and frame applications. Used in pre-pierced holes in the 1mm to 3.15mm metal range.
(The only double ended stud available which can be installed in die in the market today.)

Cage Nuts for Drain Pans

A unique cage nut assembly designed to fit in applications with space constraints.  The fastener nut floats within the retaining cage to allow for alignment with the drain pan hole, and leveling to the bottom of the drain pan for achieving maximum contact area.  Additional drain channels located on the fastener nut allow for complete draining of the drain pan.  Trilobe configuration maximizes torque retention, while maintaining a small footprint.   


Advantages and Benefits

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Self Alignment with the drain pan hole
  • Self Alignment to the drain pan surface
  • Multiple Drain Channels for complete drainage
  • Trilobe configuration for maximum retention



Pierce Fastening Advantages

  1. Improved Profit Potential
    Pierce Fasteners offer the lowest installed cost of all the feasible alternatives.
  2. Complete System Service
    We offer an extensive system package: design, testing, fastener application and engineering tooling, start-up assistance, reliable product quality and delivery performance, and readily available training and service. We have a wide variety of proven tooling techniques available for complex installation configurations, including stand alone fixtures.
  3. Quality of Installation
    The integrity (quality) of the installation can be inspected visually, or with in-die sensors. Predictions of installed product performance can be visually determined without destructive testing of the parts.
  4. Very Precise Thread Location
    The precision installation tooling, coupled with precision Pierce Fasteners, delivers assured repeatability of accurate positioning. This produces closer tolerances than methods involving pre-pierced holes.
  5. Capable of High Production Rates
    Pierce Fasteners can be incorporated into line, station, transfer, and progressive dies. High production rates are typical.
  6. Unaffected by Metal Finish
    Pierce Nuts and PierceForm® Studs can be installed in a variety of pre-finished panels (i.e. painted, galvanized, undercoated, and aluminum).
  7. Wide Range of Thread Sizes Available
    Both internal and external threads are available. These range from 4mm or #10-32 to 12mm or 7/16-20. This wide variety of threads will perform in materials ranging from 0.6mm to 3.5mm or .025" to .135" in thickness; in some cases even higher.
  8. Not Subject to the Typical Problems Associated With Welding
    No noxious fumes, weld spatter, cold welds, perpendicularity problems, process variability, or degradation of base metal or its protective plating.
  9. Widely Recognized for Over 60 Years
    Methods have been proven in millions of production applications daily and are supported by a global network of affiliates.

Compete Turnkey System Service

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Whitesell's FabriSteel / MultiFastener operations provide a complete system package including everything needed for an OEM to leverage the lowest installed cost fastening system in the world.

Complete Tooling and Systems Support

We provide complete tooling and installations systems for every component in our roster, as well as comprehensive engineering and turnkey startup assistance. Discover just how easy it is to start utilizing cost eliminating pierce and clinch fastening systems by contacting us today.