Cold Rolled and Drawn Shapes and Components

Superior Process = Superior Components

A unique process capability in North America, Whitesell possesses an in-line ten station CNC cold rolling mill that can shape a wide variety of standard and special metals into a myriad of custom forms and components.

Wire is rolled/pressed/squeezed into a myriad of custom shapes by up to ten inline stations.

Advantages include:

  • Better Components  Produces shapes with tight dimensional tolerances, improved surface finish and superior physical properties than typically yielded through other machining methods.
  • Superior Complexity   With up to 10 in-line process stations, Whitesell is able to produce far more complicated and demanding multi-stage components in a single processing pass -  Most other rolling mills are 3 to 5 station.
  • Material Savings  Often a prime advantage, Whitesell’s rolling operations can substantially reduce the amount of material needed to produce a part, for lower part costs… and a particular advantage when working with special metal types. 


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10-Station CNC Cold Rolling Mill


Applications for Cold Rolled Shapes and Components



Whitesell cold rolled and milled components can be used in a multitude of applications where more traditional reductive/machined
processes are currently used.


Examples include:


  • Gearbox Components
  • Shock Absorber Components
  • Break Cam Components
  • Profile shapes for Hydraulic Components
  • Transmission Components
  • Key-Turn, Door and Trunk Components
  • Etc.


Gun & Firearm Manufacturing

  • Magazine Locks
  • Trigger Mechanisms
  • Front Sledges
  • Firing Pin Pieces
  • Gas Chamber Components
  • Safety Blocks
  • Other Mechanisms


Home Construction and Improvement

  • Structural Member Profiles
  • Garage Door Guide Rails
  • Lock Cylinders and Lock Profiles


Industrial Machinery

  • Profiles for Thrust Pads
  • Clamping Devices
  • Cutting and Sliding Rails
  • Jacquard Machine Blades
  • Clamping Devices
  • And many others.

Pre-Shaping of Metal Prior to Cold Heading/Processing


Roll Forming gives Whitesell the ability to pre-shape metal before performing cold heading, cold forging, stamping, wire forming and /or CNC/Screw Machining operations. No one but Whitesell uses in-house steel rolling for the purpose of making fasteners… most widely seen in the marketplace in the shaping and cutting of pierce nuts into shape, among others.