Highly Engineered, Close Tolerance Wire Forms
for a Myriad of Applications

Whitesell is a world class designer and producer of close tolerance, highly engineered metal wire form products in Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Low Carbon Steel and Spring Steel, for Automotive, Outdoor Product, Truck and Trailer, Recreational, Agricultural, Appliance, Furniture, Construction Equipment and Electrical applications, among many.

  • Domestic USA Engineering
  • Domestic USA Manufacturing
  • Overseas Joint Venture Production
  • State-of-the-art Fabrication Equipment
  • State-of-the-art Measurement Equipment
  • Superior Tolerance Keeping & Quality
  • Design/Engineering Assistance
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Our Wire Form operations have grown out of a long history of wire form manufacturing that dates back to 1951, and we are proud to carry forward the knowledge and expertise of over fifty years of wire forming experience.


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A Higher Standard in Wire Form Products

Breaking out of the industry mold, Whitesell doesn’t rely on decades-old manual processes. Instead, Whitesell utilizes 21st Century automated processes on MacSoft and AIM Accuform CNC equipment to produce state-of-the-art wire forms, with clearly superior dimensional consistencies and razor-close tolerances. Naturally, these automated processes are also much more efficient and cost effective, often giving Whitesell the advantage of being able to offer a better product to the market at a lower cost.

Better Engineering = Better Value

Design and Applications Engineering. Whitesell provides degreed engineering assistance to maximize part functionality and cost savings opportunities for the customer, - in both the product and the process.

Synergizing Processes

As one of the country’s premier cold forming producers, Whitesell can combine wire forming with other core competent metal forming processes to create higher value custom components and solutions. Secondary CNC capabilities include drilling, milling and turning for holes, flats, slots, or chamfered ends; welding of component wire forms, stampings, assemblies and more.

Better Business Systems For Wire Forms

Utilizing the highly cost effective blended Domestic/Overseas supply model that Whitesell has employed with other product families, Whitesell “twins” the core-competencies of our principal domestic manufacturing operation with the unique capabilities of our overseas production facility. Engineering, Design and leading production is performed here in America, while Whitesell’s twin plant in Southern China is utilized to make high volume components where overseas production offers the customer a clear advantage.

How does Whitesell integrate quality between our factories in China and the USA that are 7000 miles apart?

With the right technology, it's amazingly simple.

Our “twinned” coordinate measurement machines provide realtime integration between Whitesell’s domestic and overseas production centers. For example, place a wire form component into one of our coordinate measurement machines located here in the US, and it makes a precise three-dimensional map of the component. Then that machine can send the dimensional data across our network to its twinned coordinate measurement machine at Whitesell’s Chinese facility. In China, that machine can automatically program the CNC bending machines on the factory floor in China, and in a matter of moments, an exact duplicate copy of the wire form is produced, all in realtime, 7,000 miles away.