The Definitive Range of Core-Competent Metal
Forming Capability - All from one supplier

and Technical

Cross-Process Design and Applications Engineering.

With the core competent Engineering expertise of many types of metal forming processes, Whitesell offers a far broader, cross-discipline technical expertise than other manufacturer suppliers to the OEM, as well as much deeper technical expertise than other distributor suppliers to the OEM. Whitesell represents a unique technical resource to North American industry.

This unique cross-process engineering capability is proven to generate innovations and game-changing customer solutions that are simply unavailable from any other manufacturer for the OEM in the marketplace.

Go Ahead. Get Creative.


A New Kind of Supply Model for the OEM:

Any or all of Whitesell Group’s manufactured products are deliverable through our plant-customized logistics & distribution systems, meaning one single, self-managed supply point for a multiplicity of components used in a customer’s production.

  • Superb Point of Demand Flexibility.
  • Individualized Custom Solutions per Location and Work Cell.
  • Wholly Responsive to Plant Floor & Production Needs.
  • Superior Under-Stock and/or Obsolescence Prevention.

This can rpovide a substantially lower cost model for a wider range of engineered components used in production, supporting several types of components not typically deliverable through traditional VMI.



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Whitesell Group's Product Solutions Include

Cold Formed Components

Wire Formed Components

Internally Threaded Components

Cold Formed & Precision Machined Components

Pierce and Clinch Fastening System

Rolled and Drawn Components

High Strength Cold Forged Components

Class C Distributed Components & Systems

Hybrid-Process Components & Assemblies

Standard and Engineered Fasteners

Sheet Metal Fabrication

CNC Precision Machined Componentss