The Next Generation of
Supply Chain for the OEM.

A new class of supply chain that delivers superior value to the customer. Whitesell Group's unique model combines the core competencies of Process/Design/ Applications Engineering and broad Manufacturing with core competent Global Sourcing, Logistics and tailored Distribution programs. Tools for delivering better value include the capability of manufacturing a much wider cross-section of parts in a Bill of Materials; buying parts through our Supply Chain, where Whitesell has a unique supplier and / or purchasing leverage; or managing the logistics of OEM directed vendor components and 3PL programs; among others. The result is a game-changing supply chain solution that offers the OEM Supply Program user substantially better value for a very broad range of products, - all from one supplier.

Technical Services   


As a blended manufacturer with core competence in a leading breadth of metal forming process capabilities, Whitesell's reinvention of the OEM supply chain model also offers far superior technical competencies and services.

Resources Include:

  • A Large, Broadly Experienced Degreed Applications and Design Engineering Staff
  • Two Laboratories for Product
    Engineering and Testing
  • Teardown and Rebuild Facilities
  • Prototyping Design, Manufacture
    and Trials
  • Extensive Cost-Out Experience

Value Engineering
Services Include:

  • Applications Engineering Assistance
  • Design Engineering Assistance
  • Assembly Process Evaluations/Improvements
  • Standardization, Consolidations & SKU Reductions
  • Engineering to Improve Reliability, Function and Reduce Costs
  • Engineered Problem Solving




Toll Free

Side-By-Side Comparison of Model Offerings.

  Major Distribution
Provider Model
Whitesell Model Offerings Traditional Manufacturer Model
  • Typically None
  • Innovate through R&D
    • Combining process for real
      value innovation.
  • Engineering
    • To apply innovation into customer's products and processes.
  • Purchase
    • Via a global-cost-optimized
      production stream.
  • Conventional fabrication methods
  • Limited process + product capability
  • Narrow engineering focus
  • Limited capacity for innovation
  • Vendor Research, Selection & Consolidation
  • Plan, Purchase, Logistics, Inventory, Distribute
  • Working Capital Reduction
  • Bill of Materials Optimization
  • Material Flow System Design
  • Labor Optimization
  • Better Vendor Research, Selection & Consolidation
  • Plan, Purchase, Logistics, Inventory, Distribute
  • Working Capital Reduction
  • Bill of Materials Optimization
  • Material Flow System Design
  • Labor Optimization
  • Often none
  • When offered, typically basic in scope and restricted to the single type of product supplied.


Uniquely, Whitesell's system can operate on a single group profit model for core products made/
supplied by Whitesell, which positions Whitesell to assure savings over current program models.

  • Whitesell earns margin on the items it manufactures.
  • Distribution services on manufactured products are provided at below market cost.
  • Purely distributed items are provided at normal distribution cost & margin.
  • Many opportunities to utilize in-place logistics and distribution systems with Directed Vendor flow-through programs due to product breadth leverage.

Whitesell Group Can Guarantee Savings Over The Life Of A Program.

Solutions for a Wider Range of Products

Standard & Semi-Standard Fasteners

Engineered Cold Formed Components

Wire & Tube Formed Products

Large High Strength Cold Forgings

CNC Hydromat Precision Components

Assemblies & Sub Assemblies

Near Net Forms

Class C Items

Pierce & Clinch Fasteners

Cold Formed & Machined Components

Rolled and Drawn Components

Sheet Metal Fab / Stampings


Whitesell Group's Consolidated Supply Chain Model

Whitesell's reinvention of the supply chain model for the OEM comprises a shift from the typically deployed scattered footprint of major distribution. Instead of having several dozen or more distribution locations, Whitesell rationalized a higher efficiency, lower cost consolidated supply chain model that employs a small number of centralized warehouse locations strategically positioned "in market" and the use of small, highly agile in-plant stock points with dedicated staffing.

  Consolidated Warehouse Model Advantages

  • Minimized number of free standing locations and associated overhead costs.
  • 635,000 sqft of Distribution, Logistics & Testing, 3PL, and Class C Distribution.
  • Providing a much wider breadth of product than regular distributors.
  • Including more engineeered parts not typically sold through distribution.
  • Centralized quality resources and expertise including A2LA Accredited labs.
  • Existing Supplier Base Support & 3PL Services.
  • Substantial freight savings... LTL vs FTL.
  • Provision for reusable containers.
  • Reduced environmental and carbon footprint.

  In-Plant Stock Point Advantages

  • Immediately responsive to plant floor and production cell needs.
  • Can include permanent on-site technical assistance & support.

  Whitesell held inventory at point of use

  • On-site realtime holistic material planning + reconciliation, with the functionality to report fluctuations in demand directly back to manufacturing, thereby preventing shortages or excess production that could otherwise lead to obsolescence.

Go Ahead. Get Creative.

Build Your New Supply Chain Model

In the marketplace, most every OEM plant possesses a unique set of needs and operational requirements.

Customizable Options To Address Operational Needs.

With a broader range of available options and features, an OEM customer can utilize Whitesell's leading breadth of capability to create fully customized supply chains that are scalable, responsive and individually tailored for superior functionality and optimal cost performance.

Creative supply chain savings and solutions.